"I suppose that's fair. Ambivalence is a step closer to acceptance than hatred. Well, at least I hope..."
—Horvath to Willem, regarding the latter's neutral stance on barbarians.

Horvath, son of Horlar, is a Barbarian of the Frost Wolf Clan. Prior to the Worldstone's Destruction and the breaking of his clan, due to Baal's forces conquering the entire Northern Steppes, Horvath served as a vanguard in numerous battles and skirmishes against his rival clans. He also participated in raiding outposts belonged to Bastion's Keep. Horvath retreated south to the Western Nations as a nomad to escape the demonic horde and corruption that engulfed his homeland.

Later in his life, Horvath became a dedicated member of the Rune Rogues, a task force of exiled warriors directed by Alec Kylar to find rare runes, and served as the squad's heavy enforcer and gave a physical presence. He favors the Dol rune which in turn enhances his barbarian war cries and drives fear into his enemies. He worked as a blacksmith within the city of Acadia, known for its famous smithing, before being recruited by his benefactor Alec Kylar.


Character and Appearance Edit