"The one time my ignorant baby brother decided to use his sword, he goes and makes a mess of the entire nation and worse our family."
—Lena regarding her younger brother Bryan.

Lady Lena Bennen is the first born child of Archduke Byron Bennen of Westmarch. She is the older sister of Sir Bryan and Sir Randyl, both whom have garnished good and bad reputations in their lifetimes. She resides in Westmarch where she speaks on behalf of her family in an ambassadorial position.



Sigil of House Bennen.

Lena was born in 1242 A.K. to Byron and Alice. Her parents held a day long feast as celebration to her birth, but her father remained upset with having a daughter rather than a son. She was raised with proper education and showed gift in strategy, a talent she was only instructed to utilize in childhood games. While growing up Lena was constantly resentful of her younger brother Bryan, the firstborn son of her siblings, who received much more attention from her father. Her youngest brother Randyl however received her care and respect.

Character and Appearance Edit

Like all true members of House Bennen, Lena is slender and has white-blond hair. She is regarded as beautiful by her peers, with smooth, pale skin and rich attire. As a lady of court, Lena is shrewd, intelligent and cunning.