"What will you have me do? The south is beyond my grasp, and there is little hope."
—Maria's despair in reclaiming her homeland of Khanduras.

Maria Johann is an expert archer, affiliated with many well known organizations across the Western Nations including the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, Greenguard and the Fallen Feathers. In Khanduras, she is known as Longbow Maria by friend and foe alike.


Herald of the Greenguard Edit

Maria was born into the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, a paramilitary faction of Khanduras that was nearly destroyed during the Emergence of Evil. In 1264, she abandoned her homeland and all its denizens to travel north to the Sharval Wilds and start her new life. Within the wilderness she was recruited by Sir Stefan Huster and brought into Greenguard; she swore allegiance to Stefan and his cause to rid evil.

When Sanctuary entered into the era known as the Quiet Peace, Maria returned to her homeland and aided her former sisterhood at reclaiming the Eastgate Keep that had fallen to the late Andariel, Maiden of Anguish. Afterward, she was brought in as a temporary member of the Fallen Feathers that was lead by Grand Marshal Jayla Bird. Though her homeland was eventually restored and her sisterhood welcomed her back, Maria ultimately returned to the Sharval Wilds to continue her duty with the Greenguard.

A Swift Messenger Edit


Maria, member of the Greenguard, 1269 A.K.

Character and Appearance Edit

Mariah is bold, energetic and determined. Though she lacks beauty, she makes up for in a positive demeanor. Maria has also earned the nickname of Longbow Johann due to her always carrying her signature weapon the longbow. She is close friends with Monica, who has praised Maria for her use of combat efficiency in both ranged and melee fighting.